Baby Monsters

by Forever Indifferent

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Despair over my flesh-eating fangs
Know I will hunt you 'til the end of your days
You birthed me—the disease
Do you think that I'm stupid?
You're just a fucking baby monster
Chomp Chomp, bitch it’s nothing
When you're fucking with a beast
It's the feel when you're still
It’s what gives you away
It’s what makes you my prey
Bringing new meaning to torture
Never letting you get away
You're in a tale very unforgiving
About a man, dead, amongst the living
Puts one foot in front of the other
He dares to be heard but he can't be seen
He is reborn a monster
He is reborn a monster
As far as I can remember
You’ve always been there waiting through the smoke so you can be me
When I’m down and weak
Well I’ve got news for you
I can never be killed
I've told you I'm invincible
Bitch, you aint shit—Fuck with it
Who am I to pass judgment
When you came looking for an opinion?
It's all for validation
Well validate this; You aint shit.
You talk the talk so walk the walk
Declare me the winner when all your ground is lost
Bite with tooth & fight with Claw
Everything you've ever known is gone.
Walk away, Rest your soul
I won’t take your life away
There's fire alive in my eyes
And my body is waiting to ignite
I wanna scream my heart out
Let the fists collide
I wanna turn the night up
Never go inside
Walk away, Walk away
Do you think that I'm stupid?
You're just a fucking baby monster
Chomp chomp, bitch it’s nothing
When you're fucking with a beast


released June 16, 2017
Vocals by Carson Driscoll. Guitars by Cory Cruz & Darrian Stefani. Drums by Cody Campion. Lyrics by Cory Cruz and Darrian Stefani. Recorded at Ascension Studios by Cory Cruz. Additional production by Cory Cruz.



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Forever Indifferent Clinton, Utah

Forever Indifferent - Metal band from Clinton, UT.

New Song "Baby Monsters" available now!

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